Who Downstairs?

WHO DOWNSTAIRS?:Da Basement Society (1994); Cellar Music(RKO)/Crossphade Muzic

After building thier name on a grassroots level, becoming reknown for thier live performances, live battles and lyrical wordplay, Da Basement Society became one of Omaha's most feared groups.  After their appearance on "Parental Advisory" in 1992, they decided it was time to release a project of their own.  In April of 1994, "Who Downstairs?" was released for retail sale, with a good response.  This project was produced by Jay Money himself, with two tracks being done by his mentor, DJ Suicide.
Who Downstairs? opens with the crew theme song, "Straight Out The Basement." then, immediately transitions into what Da Basement was known for, with the hard-hitting, rugged sound of "Dats Da Buscuit."  Next, the crew takes you on their behind the scenes antics of "Backstage Pass," and explains the ills of paying dues in the game with the appropriately titled, "Payin'em."  "24th Street" is a song paying respect to one of the main strips in the Wild Kingdom 681 (North Omaha), and "Pass Da Bat" is a grimey joint that introduces Basement allies, Lords of Destruction, consisting of Rampage and Mayhem (known today as Max Supreme and Capital J).  The EP concludes with "This Is Just A Shoutout" and a DJ Suicide remix of "Dats Da Busicuit," where they go in on the Young Rebels for the last time.  Da Basement Society consisted of five members - DBX, Jay Money, N-Tellect, Kee Lo Z and All Ayz, but, only Jay Money, N-Tellect and All Ayz appeared on this project.  "Who Downstairs?" is availiable on this website.