Da Main Event: Round O.NE

DA MAIN EVENT:ROUND O.NE (2009); RKO Media/Crossphade Muzic

"Da Main Event: Round O.NE" is the first full length release from Jay Money, released on his own imprint, RKO Media, in conjunction with Crossphade Muzic.  With DJ Suicide at the helm of the boards, the purpose of introducing Jay Money, the emcee, is fulfilled.  "Da Intro", produced by Jay Money, is a simple, yet hard hitting drum track with a rugged guitar loop that allows Jay to get a few things off of his chest, taking you into the second track, "No Losses," which is Jay's declaration of his position in the rap game.  "Hustla" throws out a few basic rules of daily street activities, while "Preacher's Kid" takes you into the mind of a young Jay Money.  "Midwest LIve" is a rough club banga, where as "I Called Tyrone" adds humor to the CD as Jay creates the reverse situation from Erykah Badu's "Tyrone."  Jay delves into his emotions and views on songs like "Til I Get Home," which talks about being locked up in prison and how prison compares to slavery and the long struggle of Black People in America, and "Apology," where Jay asks forgiveness for his wrongs from those close to him.  "Peace & Blessings" is a song paying tribute to the teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths, which Jay holds in the highest regard, while "PayBack(Mack Official)" is the last song recorded with Jay's group, Da Basement Society.  The CD closes out with the lyrical "Brand New" and the outro track, "Round O.NE."  If you're looking for variety, versatility, real lyrics and great production, then "Da Main Event: Round O.NE" is what you're looking for.  "Da Main Event: Round O.NE" is available at several online retailers and on this website.