Meet The Dealer: Da James Cash Mixtape


After Crossphade Family, Jay Money stayed in the studio, working on material that would eventually become his first album, "Da Main Event."  Due to personal trials interrupting that process, it took longer than ever expected.  Jay ended up re-starting the process for recording this album several times, due to material becoming out-dated from taking so long to record.  During the last recording start-over, Jay decided to release a mixtape to help promote the upcoming album.  The result was "Meet The Dealer."

"Meet The Dealer:Da James Cash Mixtape," is 42 tracks long, with Jay going in over industry beats and gives you snippets of songs to be on "Da Main Event:Round O.NE."  Highlights of the mix are, "Why You Say That?", where Jay opens it up over T.I.'s "Why You Wanna Say That?", "Who Fuckin' Wit It," which is Jay Money and Lex Lootha going hard on a Jae Millz track, plus, several 16 bar rhymes throughout.  "Cant Let You Go" is Jay Money and Lex Lootha flippin' the concept of Beyonce's hit single.  Jay and Lootha are drug dealers who will not let their women leave the house because they threatened to tell the police of thier activities.  On different cuts, Jay introduces his alter ego, "James Cash," which he says is the person he was in his youth; an attitude carrying, drug dealing machine!  Other highlights include snippets from Jay and Lootha's appearance on Houston Alexander's radio show, "Saturday Night Heat," in Omaha and several guest appearances.  The most controversial of all the highlights is the battle segment, where Jay highlights the period when he battled three other Omaha emcees at the same time, with diss songs, and then, proceeds to diss one of them again over Jay Z's "The Takeover."  He uses Jay Z once again, to record a scathing diss to his son's mother, over the "Song Cry" instrumental, called "Jay's Cry."  The mixtape ends on the same note, with Jay throwing blatant shots at two members of a barely known crew called Wild Zoo, then Jay and Lootha go in for the last time over Jadakiss' "The Champ Is Here" instrumental.  A very well constructed release.  "Meet The Dealer" is still available for free at