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News & Updates 

August 23, 2020
     3.  The remastered version of "Da Main Event: Round O.NE" album will drop This Tuesday, August 25, 2020!

     2.  Put your mask on and come out to the Get Down Ultra Lounge this Wednesday, August 26 to watch Jay Money perform at THE RETURN OF
          RHYME SWAP!  Rhyme Swap is an event that takes place at different locations in Omaha, where emcee's are encourage to spit a capella, as the    
          focus is always on the lyrics!


     1.  GREETINGS EVERYONE!  It's been a while since our last update so we hope everyone has been doing well during these trying times.  2020 has not
          been good to many of us.  So, with that being said.....

          The entire staff at JaysMuzic.com would like to express sincerest condolences to Jay Money and his entire family.  Jay Money's father, Rev. James J.
          Brown Jr., passed away on June 1, 2020, after a long bought with cancer.

          We would also like to send our deepest condolences to the family of Lydia and Carlos Tibbs.  Carlos Tibbs was a young up and coming comedian 
          from Omaha, NE who contracted COVID-19.  Sometime later, his mother, Lydia, also contracted the virus.  Earlier this past week, Lydia died from
          the virus, and two days later, her son, Carlos followed.  This is a tragic event that has devastated all that knew and loved them.  

March 26, 2020

     2.  "Da Main Event: Round O.NE" - not only is it being Reloaded, it's also being Remastered.  The original album now sounds bigger and better
           than it's original mix!!!  Available soon!!!


     1.  The staff here at JaysMuzic.com hopes that everyone and their families are safe during this worldwide outbreak of the
          Coronavirus!  Do what you need to do to stay healthy and practice social distancing if you have to go out.  Most of all, if you're watching any of
          our 24-hour news cycles, do not feed into the constant reporting of COVID-19 cases.  Remember, there are more cases of people having mild
          symptoms and surviving than cases of people not surviving.  If you haven't heard, this virus cannot survive in heat.  It likes to nest  within the nasal
          cavity, which is the coolest spot on the human body.  From there, it grows and then spreads down into the throat.  If you swallow and it feels like
          shards of glass are cutting your throat, that is a sign that you may have the virus.  By simply boiling a pot of water, and as it steams, place your
          face over the pot and breathe in the steam.  The hot steam will heat up the nasal cavity and kill the virus.  So, do that, along with washing your
          hands and keeping your immune system up, and we'll get through this.  And in the words of Public Enemy, "Don't Believe The Hype!"

August 21, 2019

**UPDATE:  Rhyme Swap 7 has been cancelled!!!

   2.  Jay Money performs live @ Rhyme Swap 7!!!



   1.  Check out another preview of the upcoming remix album, "Da Main Event: Reloaded."  This promo is of "Round O.NE (Da Intro) / Reloaded Version."  Get the original version on "Da Main Event: Round O.NE," by clicking on the store link above!!!

July 14, 2019

     DJ Suicide, long-time producer for Jay Money, is currently working on an entire remix to "Da Main Event:Round O.NE" which will be titled "Da Main Event:Reloaded" to be released soon.  Check out the promotional video featuring the song "Don Soul-ar."  Make sure to check out the video section of this site to view promotional videos for the forthcoming new album, "Da Undisputed Truth!"



Show Date Venue Location
The Return of Rhyme Swap   August 26, 2020, 10pm   Get Down Ultra Lounge / 8509 N 30th St., Omaha, NE



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