Supreme Soloists EP

SUPREME SOLOISTS EP: Supreme Soloists; 1994 Supreme Soloists, Inc.

Supreme Soloists, consisting of emcee's Flow EZ and B-Calm, was another one of Omaha's premiere Hip Hop groups and were well known associates of Jay Money and the Basement Society.  Their self-titled debut was created in the laboratory of Omaha producer, DJ Suicide.  While Flow EZ and B-Calm produced the majority of their tracks, Jay Money engineered the ASR-10 and helped them put samples and song sequences in order.  The Supreme Soloists ep was released in the same year as Basement Society's "Who Downstairs?," which featured a guest appearance by Jay Money on "Hittin' Hard."  Jay Money also contributed production to the project, producing the laid-back, jazz influenced "What Could Be Better."